529 Plans

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Planning for college and educational expenses raise many questions for both families and students. As advisors that operate across all 50 states, we actively work with most 529 College Savings Plans. Many States have in-state college savings plans with specific benefits to residents.

We work closely with American Funds and their College America nationwide savings plan. In addition to producing individual customizable plans, American Funds also tailor’s employer-sponsored plans for businesses interested in providing such benefits to their employees.

Headquartered in NYS, our in-state plan is offered by JP Morgan Chase.

Below are links to the 529 college savings plans mentioned above. Additional links are provided on the Resources page of our website regarding educational planning tools.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions pertaining to your 529 plan.

American Funds College America 529 Plan

College America is a Nationwide Plan sponsored by Virginia 529

JPMorgan NY Advisor Guided 529 College Savings Plan

Resources Include:

  • College Planning Essentials
  • Calculators
  • FAQs